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10 March 2020The Life and Art of Charles H Mackie

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The Life and Art of Charles H Mackie Pat Clarke Tuesday 10 March 2020

Pat Clark was a teacher of history and politics for over 30 years and latterly, ISI Inspector and Headteacher of Secondary school. The lecture will give a comprehensive survey of the life of Charles H Mackie and the development of his art, from his early struggles as an artist up to his final recognition as RSA, RSW. The people he met - Gauguin, Vuillard, Hornel- and the places he painted - Kirkcudbright, Normandy, Venice - form the core of the talk.

The illustrations cover all aspects of his oeuvre - watercolour, oil, tooled leatherwork woodblock prints and sculpture. A journey with this 'forgotten man' of Scottish art will provide evidence of his skill as a colourist and reclaim his place in art's pantheon.